Chad Millman_Headshot

Chad Millman is Chief Content Officer of The Action Network, a leading source for sports betting news, information and data. He also hosts the top-ranked betting podcast, The Favorites. Millman launched Action with The Chernin Group in 2018 and helped drive its $240M sale to Better Collective in 2021. Each month, through its award-winning app, website, podcasts, live shows, videos and social handles as well as partnerships across leagues, sportsbooks and media outlets, Action serves tens of millions of fans with credible betting content.

Prior to Action, Millman was ESPN Digital’s Editorial Director and editor-in-chief of ESPN The Magazine. At ESPN he created the gambling beat and the podcast Behind The Bets, made appearances across SportsCenter, E60 and other programs and wrote weekly columns. He has also written seven books, including four bestsellers, ranging from the autobiography of Howard Stern producer Baba Booey to The Odds, about the lives of Vegas bookmakers and bettors.